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Welcome to Lighthouse Weekly, a new online creative writing center founded out of Maine's rocky, frigid coast. Our two founders, Caroline and her sister Alice, were inspired by a particular lighthouse they saw towering distantly above the trees from their house, one of many still operational, its white light cutting like a sharp white sword through the black blanket of night, seemingly searching for something. The image was powerful, they thought, and held potent potential for a literary website's modus operandi:

Image by Srikanta H. U

"To be a searchlight for fiction and poetry adrift out at sea, bobbing in the dark on the sea's roar; something to swim toward, a safe harbor, an old, sturdy tower to crawl up under on the beach, slip inside and find warmth, nourishment, a bed to rest at that still overlooks the endless, dangerous, wonderful waves it arrived in from."

Our Guiding Architecture:

Weekly Fiction and Poetry

Because we love to read, and would love to support and showcase as many writers as possible. Our publication schedule intends for two fiction and two poetry features a week. As sisters and as best friends, we believe firmly in the power of community, and what better way to engage and nourish community than to create a large one.

Fast Author Responses

Some magazines take six months to a year to respond to their writers (in most cases, quite understandably; staffing, university bureaucracy, giving each submission the time it deserves), but we believe we can respond within one week.

Showcasing Quality Writing

By quality writing, we don't mean pretention, big biographies, or rejecting creative works off of a first paragraph misspelling. We mean showcasing stories that we love, that crash into our hearts and leave us shipwrecked for days afterward regardless of all that. Stories that send us somewhere astonishingly new, or strike an original song of emotions inside us, whatever the genre, form, style, font, or formatting. Stories that make us leap out of bed because we need to share it with someone else.

Basically, if you're exploring the uncharted waters of story in some way—emotionally, conceptually, narratively, aesthetically, linguistically, philosophically, or any of the other unmentioned "ly's"—and it elicits some kind of reaction from us, then it's probably the right fit for Lighthouse.

In summary, we want to share fiction and poetry with our readers that stays with them forever, however you define or create that experience. 


And of course, we'll edit out that first paragraph misspelling if we see it.

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For Additional Details, read our Guidelines page below or on Submittable:

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