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  • Charlene Murphy

Caught in the Rain


Charlene Murphy is a self taught hand rendered mix media artist. She creates fine art pieces that have either an abstract, eclectic, surreal, fantasy, or steampunk feel to them. She uses photoshop to composite her ideas. In addition to photoshop, she uses Daz 3D Studio to create, pose, and render various models, scenes, and creatures for use in her art. This allows her the freedom to create altered realities. These altered realities are her way of expressing the correlation between reality and the subconscious (fantasy). Her artwork is imaginative, deep, dark, expressive, emotional, whimsical, and sometimes consists of an unexpected, peculiar, and eccentric sense of humor. She has been published numerous times in various national and international magazines. In addition to being published, she has won several special recognition awards while competing in international competitions. Several of her images have been displayed in national and international galleries for specific exhibitions.

Instagram: @charleneamurphy1

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