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  • Jack Bordnick

Facing It Together Series

My interest is to create artistic, meaningful works of art that can be enjoyed by all peoples and cultures. The sound of art is the music of our souls and art is our musical vocabulary expressed through our visualization of these sounds. I constantly have music playing in my studio and depending on my motivation and inspirations for that day. It can range from classical to rock. When you close your eyes, you can hear the sound of the artist performing his composition, and when you open them you can see the performance played in that three-dimensional environment.

As a designer and sculptor living here in New Mexico, I've been allowed to have a deep understanding of our culture and environment, one that has influenced my artistic interpretation and creative solutions to my creative projects.


Bordnick has been part this creative art world since he can remember, beginning as a product designer and establishing his own design business in New York, Santa Fe and Europe. These present sculptural images incorporate both surrealistic and mythological and magical imagery, fabricated in textural metallic mixed media assemblages. They are assembled, disassembled and reassembled. They’re heavily textured surfaces becoming abstractions unto themselves and he allows them to revert back to their origins, from which they came. Enjoy their stories.

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