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French Girls Don’t Wear Glasses

"French Girls Don't Wear Glasses" by ZephyrZ
"French Girls Don't Wear Glasses" by ZephyrZ

The stripe shirt, like the one from Breathless when her brother told her it was cool to watch French new wave, the blue lipstick, like the one she saw Jennifer buy at the mall three months ago but had to wait until that color went on sale since the new Autumn tones were stocked on the shelves, the eight gold rings littered about her fingers, some from thrift stores, some from mom’s box of jewelry that dad put inside the closet after the funeral, a cigarette from Martin, the senior who lives in the renovated condo with the purple front door, he gave it to her when she saw him smoking, lying on his back on the soccer field bench just before it rained on Tuesday, her bangs freshly cut to look like Audrey Tautou’s character in Amélie, and the black marker she used to color in her pale eyebrows that dad says looked just like moms, and there they go, running their color in the rain, blending in with blood, soaking into the asphalt, dripping onto broken glass and gasoline, because girls who go to parties at boy’s houses that will definitely have beer for them to try for the first time would never wear their glasses, especially glasses that look like mom’s since they bought them at the same eye doctor and she said, “my god, you look so cute, just like me,” but glasses don’t look new wave, glasses don’t look chic, glasses don’t make a fourteen-year-old feel confident and cute, and glasses left on a bathroom counter covered in snips of hair don’t help when you’re crossing the street, and Martin from the condo up the road drank so much gin that it made him want to drive to his ex-boyfriends house and tell him he’s better off without him, and his car is the same color as the sunset and it looked so beautiful, and she felt so beautiful, and flash rain at dusk is beautiful, but chalk outlines don’t stick around for very long when it starts to rain.


Taylor is a writer, a student, a husband. Living and working in Wilmington, NC, Taylor draws inspiration from early mornings of black coffee and cigarettes, late nights with Coltrane and Tom Waits, folding clean laundry, and watching movies instead of working.

ZephyrZ is a computer programmer from Kearns, Utah, and a self-taught artist who uses code and a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create modern art. Since artificial intelligence is already used to generate faces, music, and even poetry, his artistic endeavors continuously explore how machine intuition and program splicing can not only emulate human-created art, but push the boundaries into something original, too. The end result is an ever-evolving process of creation and destruction. Each workpiece is unique, with its own story and personality. You can commission original pieces on his website:

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