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Ketamine Dreams


The Face of God artwork by Zephyr
The Face of God


These images were created by a computer using AI. I tell the computer what I want it to draw and it draws it. For these images, I basically gave it a description of a Ketamine trip. Some ideas I told it to convey are:

a sense of disconnection from reality

enhanced feelings of creativity, purpose, perspective

connection with others and the world.


Dreaming in Color by Zephyr
Dreaming in Color

Since artificial intelligence is already used to generate faces, music, and even poetry, he wanted to discover if it could be used to create art that looked realistically human generated, too. The end result is what you see here—a collection of unique workpieces, each with their own story and personality.


I See You artwork by Zephyr
I See You

The basic idea behind a GAN is that it generates images based on simple code written by the programmer. The computer program uses two neural networks, one that generates images and another that evaluates them. Through the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), the artist has developed modern art that depicts random paintings based on a style provided by himself.


On The Colors artwork by Zephyr
On The Colors

Purple Haze artwork by Zephyr
Purple Haze


ZephyrZ is a computer programmer from Kearns, Utah, and a self-taught artist who uses code and a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) to create modern art. Since artificial intelligence is already used to generate faces, music, and even poetry, his artistic endeavors continuously explore how machine intuition and program splicing can not only emulate human-created art, but push the boundaries into something original, too. The end result is an ever-evolving process of creation and destruction. Each workpiece is unique, with its own story and personality. You can commission original pieces on his website:

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1 Comment

Christian McCulloch
Christian McCulloch
Apr 06, 2022

IIn answer to - ‘ KETOMINE DREAMS’ Ketamine Dreams (

It's most interesting but when all is said and done, computer generated Art does not hold any lasting, serious significance for the development of the artist. Or so it initially appears. The point of contact between pen and paper, brush and canvass is the focus of the artist's communion with... his intent, his basic question, his faith, commitment and source of unlimited creative pleasure, learning and understanding.

Perhaps there's an argument to be made that the 'energy/power' of any artwork comes through the original concept and ideas of the artist but this is shot down almost immediately because the artist's mind is perfectly fluid and amenable, and each decision…

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