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Here There Be Prizes

A Guide to the Lighthouse General Contest

The Overview

Lighthouse Weekly now operates a bi-annually fiction & poetry contest. The cash prize is $200 for one fiction piece and $200 for one poem. The first contest payment will be attainable and deliverable in August (and we hope to up that prize soon).

The current contest is open from May 1st and ends July 31st, and the results will be released the first day of August to everyone.

The contest, for now, is generally themed: we want to chomp on a wide variety of fiction and poetry, so submit anything! Reading our past contest winners, general guidelines, and the other published features on our site, will give additional glimpses into what narratives we'd like to harbor here at our shores. Mechanics wise, this contest uses the same guidelines as our general submissions: 

* Fiction, Poetry, Flash Fiction & Micro Fiction Submissions Only. 

  • Fiction - 1-10,000 word limit, any file format, font, genre, and style.

  • Poetry - 5 Poems, any file format, font, genre, and style.

* Include a cover letter, third-person biography, and social media titles with your work. If you don't include a biography or social media, we will likely post your content without them. As a rapid-turnaround creative content hub, we can't wait for email back and forths. The ship must sail!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to read your work!

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