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  • S.D. Dillon

"A hundred yards onto the lake" and "Movement(s)"


A hundred yards onto the lake

A coyote trots across the ice

Between the pier and open waters.

The wind chill is ten below.

Wedges of ice

Cracked and shoved into jagged piles at the break

wall are sculptural, tectonic.



A rainfall of viruses

from liquefied caterpillars

at the treetops.

Frogs swirled up by a tornado.

Maple seed pods

Like tiny copters.

Acid rain.

Unleavened bread. Spores. The night.


S.D. Dillon has an MFA from Notre Dame, where he was Managing Editor of The Bend in 2004. His writing has appeared in the Detroit Free Press, FIELD, The South Carolina Review, the Hawai’i Pacific Review, and The RavensPerch, and is forthcoming in Walloon Writers Review.

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